Two northern Dutch ROCs continue together

Moving forward together. From 2023, Friesland College and ROC Friese Poort will merge as one large educational institution, giving them the right scale to really make a difference in the region. Offering courses together is not only efficient, but above all more visible and recognizable for the outside world.

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Making a name as Firda

The new name of the organization is Firda. That is the Swedish word for celebrate. Together we celebrate that we are connected and that we continuously learn from and with each other. This is all about empowerment: enjoying your own development and what you can do for others.

The new brand seeks connection; it links craftsmanship to community. Knowledge to responsibility. Skills to a meaningful life. The intersection between the letter ‘r’ and the letter ‘d’ makes a connection within the word Firda but, through placement in the layout, ensures that worlds are connected.

Firda is a movement

Firda stands for continuous innovation in every practice area and a healthy dose of resilience and agility in life. Firda challenges you to seek new perspectives yourself. That way you can continue to contribute concretely to a healthier and happier life, for yourself and for others.

Those who keep learning, keep developing. And those who continue to develop live happier lives. In doing so, you don’t just learn at school, you learn throughout your life. Sometimes with each other, sometimes from each other. From the people close to you or from the world around you. From studying to continuing education, from business to social partner, we get you excited for change.

Firda’s visuals, together with its slogans, always show the combination of these principles.

Teach yourself through life

Firda gets you moving. For more meaning in your work and in your life. 
Firda activates and mobilizes people in the region. Technically and socially. This way we ensure that everyone becomes and remains a top professional.

Total Design has come up with a payoff that connects to lifelong learning, and continuing to develop. And those who continue to develop live happier lives. A continuous process of professional and personal growth in which Firda is the pivot.

This is how you teach yourself through life together with Firda.

The brand

Firda empowers people. After all, learning how to make strong connections is knowledge for life. That’s who we are and what we stand for. We show that we are involved in developments in the region. That we work in a result-oriented way. 
And that we stand for the combination of professional skills, broad education and social connection. An inspiring story that touches everyone.

What kind of person you want to be is at least as important as the profession you practice. At Firda, we not only want you to succeed in your profession, we want you to succeed in life.

Firda's social position explicitly extends beyond education. Total Design has developed this in a modern, social brand.

— Remco Meijerink, Chairman of the Board of Directors Firda

The color palette

The color palette for Firda matches the connotations evoked by the name Firda: sturdy, down-to-earth, cheerful and with a hint of Scandinavia.
The color palette has associations with an outdoor feel, earthy yet modern.
The colors are serene, balanced and support the visuals, photography.

Look and feel

Firda is here for everyone! The new look and feel should make you feel welcome at all times. Of course, a statement is also made when necessary, but this is never done to alienate people – but rather to bring them along.
The power of image and the expressiveness of color contribute to this premise.

The photography is inclusive, natural and taken from life. They are Firda moments that show the different sides and life stories of each person, as an agile human being ready for the future.

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