Essange Reagents

A new name and identity to match a new ambition

Sanquin Reagents is a vital contributor to patient care through the development and production of blood group and immune reagents, which are necessary materials for diagnostic research and drug development, among other things. In 2022, Sanquin Reagents was acquired by Gilde HealthCare and is now ready to take the next steps as an international manufacturer. They aim to establish a leading position in reagent development with the higher goal of aiding patients. Therefore, Sanquin Reagents needed a new name and a new visual identity.

  • Visual Identity
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web development


Total Design collaborated with naming specialist Globrands and the client to create an international stand-alone name with a connection to Sanquin. After this process, Essange Reagents was chosen as the winning name. By incorporating “sang,” the origins of Sanquin were preserved. Essange Reagents clearly communicates the importance of blood to human life. The name exudes authority while also reflecting the organization’s friendly, reliable, and humane character with its soft sound. It demonstrates the passion and pride of the people doing impactful work. With this future-proof name, Essange is prepared to move forward and continue its contribution to patient care.


Regarding the logo, the main ingredient we utilized was the circle. It possesses a soft and friendly quality, like the sound of the name, while also being precise in its construction. Additionally, most of the characters in the name have round shapes, particularly in lowercase. We opted to use the freely available Google font, Poppins, for the logo and communication typography due to its circular shapes and friendly appearance. Using both circular and straight shapes, we designed a symbol to combine with the word mark. The red circle signifies blood, and the negative drop shape represents reagents.


The colour palette is kept simple and primarily comprises black and white. While the red colour of blood appears in the logo, it is not utilized to color other parts. The majority of colour is derived from the visual element and photography. In rare cases, the colour orange may be used for an element that needs to stand out.

Visual element

The visual language of Essange Reagents comprises abstract representations of liquid reagents combined with blood. The individual elements combine to form a palette that can be used to create various compositions. The red element, representing blood, always remains a constant part of the compositions. The second element can be one of the other colors. The initial color combination used is red and orange, which establishes a visual connection to the Sanquin brand, from which Essange Reagents originated.


The fluidity of the visual language is captured through photography by employing slower shutter speeds and creating a strong depth effect. The primary focus of the photography is on the individuals working at Essange Reagents. They were photographed during their work, whether interacting with one another or performing a specific action, to convey their passion and authority.

UX/ UI Web Design

Due to the integration of the previous website into Sanquin’s corporate website, we had to design and develop a new stand-alone website. After conducting research on the exciting web pages, we proceeded to write a functional design and technical functionality overview, while simultaneously creating a design system based on the new brand identity.

After finalising this we designed a full UI consisting of page builder components and fixed page templates. Our aim was providing the client with the freedom to build their own basic content pages while maintaining consistency in the overview and product detail pages. This way, visitors could always find important information in the same location, regardless of the page they were on.

Web Development

We fully custom-developed the website’s front-end based on the UI design using the Bootstrap framework. To provide a user-friendly content management system as requested by the client, we integrated a WordPress back-end.

One of the biggest challenges we faced during the development process was dealing with a large number of PDF files that needed to be linked to the appropriate product and categorized correctly by the client’s content team. To solve this, we made it possible to manage everything straight from the media library, without having to visit each product page individually.

Total Design created a strong corporate identity for us that perfectly aligns with our core values.

— Harry Bos, CEO Essange Reagents

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