Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland

An engaging corporate story

Translation of the new vision of the Rijnland Water Authority into a clear communications strategy, enabling the water authority to focus on collaborating with stakeholders and citizens, and safeguard our water safety.

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Quality of life under pressure

The Rijnland Water Board has been monitoring water safety in one of the world’s most vulnerable delta regions for more than 750 years, and faces a challenging future. From rising sea levels, subsidence and salinization to peak showers, pressure on public spaces and surface water quality. These challenges call for a clear vision of the future and robust policy. But working daily on the core tasks, devising abstract future scenarios and making policy choices for the future alone are not enough.

Involving parties in complex social problems

From a jointly-initiated study by the Rijnland District Water Board and Dunea (supplier of drinking water and manager of the largest water catchment area in the west of the country), it became apparent that a sustainable living environment in the western Dutch delta would require close cooperation between all relevant parties.

Corporate story

In collaboration with employees from Rijnland, we developed an engaging corporate story that addresses the questions ongoing developments pose for the organisation. A brand book and brand video outline the transition that is needed.

400 visitors to symposium

Following the development of the new vision, a symposium was organized with Dunea. Content and design have been developed, including the ‘The Growing Value of Water’ platform, a programme booklet, posters for the knowledge market, and the opening video. More than 400 visitors attended the symposium.


The Value4Water platform has been created for all stakeholder to be able to contribute to the continuous development of a sustainable future for the Rijnland delta.

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