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DPG Media: development of a branded content platform

TD developed a branded content platform for DPG Media. Customers such as Vodafone, KLM and Renault post content here that is developed together with DPG Media and Total Design and distributed in the network of DPG titles.

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Effective online advertising

DPG Media is the largest media house in the Netherlands. Adverts are an important part of the revenue model, but their effectiveness is under pressure due to the huge amount of online content and the rise of ad blockers.

A solution is high-quality branded content: impactful text, images and videos that together tell the story of a brand. DPG Media had made advertorial one-pagers for this, but complexity and high development costs meant this route was often not open to small and medium-sized advertisers.

A new branded content business model

The solution was a user-friendly publication platform for creating advertorials.

The powerful, stable and scalable publishing platform we designed has reduced enormously the cost of creating advertorials. Branded content can now be created quickly and efficiently, and published directly on all DPG Media’s digital platforms. In addition, standardisation has improved quality, while the user-friendly interface and carefully-designed templates now give content all the room it needs to shine.

Total Design conceived and built the successful Press-group Branded Content platform for us. Thanks to this innovative proposition, we can offer advertisers high-quality and impactful branded content on all our titles in the Netherlands and Belgium.

— Raffi Aykaz, Business Manager

  • DPG Media: development of a branded content platform

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