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With a new design system and a more prominent place for the core message, Sanquin is ready to save lives.

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Sanquin provides the blood supply in the Netherlands. This saves as many as 25,000 human lives per year. In addition, it contributes to the quality of life of many more people with products, technology and targeted medication. Sanquin’s mission: ‘Together with the donor for a better life for the patient.’

Sanquin asked us if we wanted to align the corporate identity. There were no fewer than two logos in circulation and the corporate identity was all over the place.

More consistency
To create more consistency, an overarching design system has been developed. This includes guidelines for typography, color, icons, grids and photography (corporate identity), along with guidelines for communication and tone of voice. We also seized this moment to put the (core) message more in the foreground: ‘Blood is life’. After all, that is the main reason for donating blood.

Sanquin is known to few people. Everyone knows the Blood Bank, but the relationship with Sanquin is usually not established. Stronger brand awareness is necessary for fulfilling the social role and for recruiting and retaining donors. Recognizability, consistency and impact are therefore crucial. The fact that the brand can literally be a source of life makes it extra special.

Sanquin is a strong human brand, every human life counts and all employees are aware of this. The lifeline between employees, donors and patients is emphasized in images and stories. Here compassion, gratitude and pride give the brand its very own, characteristic face.

In the meantime, Sanquin’s brand awareness has improved. It plays an important role in these Corona times with scientific research it provides. This is widely covered in the national media: from the NOS-Journaal and RTL Nieuws to the press briefings of Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge.

For example, Sanquin is investigating the spread of the virus in the Netherlands and how quickly immunity is built up. Sanquin Diagnostics and the National Screening Laboratory Sanquin (NSS) support the government in testing healthcare providers for infection, and blood plasma from cured corona patients is collected for the development of a vaccine.

It is special to be able to work for Sanquin right now.

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