New pension legislation gives participants much more control over their pensions. This requires APG to step forward and keep participants and employers much more informed.

  • Branding
  • Visual Identity
  • Design

A new role

APG is one of the world’s largest pension investors. New legislation has changed its social role significantly. From a remote pension investor to a continuous source of information. This called for a radical change in their visual identity and communication style. It all had to be much more attractive and editorial. Everything, including typography, color, photography, illustration style, design language and tone of voice was renewed.
In addition to being a pension investor, APG will soon also be a publishing house. A role that fits its authority and new responsibility.

Instantly outspoken

With 4.7 million participants and 500 billion in assets under management, APG has a big responsibility. With that comes a certain tone. Subdued, because it must exude a natural authority; it must not become promotional. Pronounced, because it must be absolutely clear. It often involves complex messages that everyone must be able to understand. It should appeal to the imagination, offer new perspectives and also be beautiful at the same time.


APG has been an authority for more than 100 years. Therefore, a modern letter with a classic character was chosen. The association with a serif letter gives it an editorial, journalistic feel (verisimilitude).


APG’s tone also comes through strongly in colouring, a striking choice of its own, yet modest.


Photography and illustrations are all about tangibility. Again, APG needs to move from the distant institution it always was to the source of information, close by. Photographs from above are especially meant to be used alongside graphics, so that numbers and imagination merge.