A revolution in cancer diagnosis

Qurin is an innovative company that has developed a new method of early cancer detection. Qurin uses a urine test that can determine the presence and type of cancer with high accuracy and sensitivity. Qurin wants to save people a lot of suffering through this urine test, and give them a better chance of surviving and curing cancer.

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The challenge.

Qurin has partnered with Total Design to develop a powerful brand that communicates its mission and vision. The company wants to establish itself as a pioneer and a leader in the cancer diagnostics market, which is often seen as complicated, expensive, and slow. Qurin wants to be a brand that gives people hope, confidence, and assurance and that supports doctors and patients in their fight against cancer.


Total Design has positioned Qurin as an innovative, creative, and accessible partner for cancer prevention and treatment. Qurin is not a “clinical” laboratory, but a practical and “personal” solution that helps people take and keep control of their health. This commitment is reflected, for example, in the statements of the scientists involved. Anyone concerned about cancer, regardless of risk, age, or background can count on the support of Qurin.

Creative concept.

Total Design created a modern and minimalist design for Qurin that reflects the simplicity and effectiveness of their test. Qurin’s logo consists of a stylized Q, symbolizing a bladder and a pipette. The name Qurin is a creative amalgamation of quest, cure, and urine. Qurin’s tagline is “New Pathways to Healing. Thus, the meaning of the organization has been worked out aptly and specially.

Qurin’s website is clear, informative, and user-friendly. Among other things, the website includes an explanation of the test, simply presents the process, allows the scientists to give their vision of the future in a personal way, and provides a glimpse into the future. The website uses calm colors, clear photos as well as clean typography. Qurin’s tone of voice is professional, personal, and optimistic.

The result.

Qurin has acquired a unique identity that shows both a specialty and humanity. Qurin wants to make a positive impact on both the market and society. Qurin helps thousands of people detect and treat cancer early. Thus, ‘New Pathways to Cure’ is already well underway….

Qurin is developing revolutionary technologies and products that detect cancer at a much earlier stage. Painless, fast and cheap. In this way, we can spare millions of people suffering, and save society from a financial infarct.

— Otto P. Brandt - CEO Qurin

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