TD60 Icon - Thalys

Between Plane and Train

Four European rail companies, SNCF, NS, SNCB and DB, have united forces in creating the first international rail network: a high-speed line that connects Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne and Brussels. The train’s main competitors are the automobile and aeroplanes. The train must therefore be able to measure up to both forms of transportation in speed and luxury.

Bridging barriers
To clearly profile this service, a new brand was created. It had to have a strong and recognisable identity that bridges cultural and language barriers. For this purpose, an extensive analysis was made of the rival transport possibilities and the ambience that would determine the concept.

The Thalys as an experience
Travelling with this train is a real experience: speed, reliability, customer friendliness, and comfort were core to the Thalys experience. These values were the starting point for developing the name and the trademark.

Moving design

The logo design is inspired by fluidity and speed. It shows a human shape cutting the air to its destination. The specially designed typeface of the logo again underlines the human aspect. The train’s design was made in collaboration with the former design department of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NS Design. The latter is responsible for the interior and the pictograms in the coaches.