Digital Design

Every brand is digital, but some more so than others. We’re the largest group within Total Design and continuously engaged in the digital servicing of the brand and the user’s role in this. We are where BX (Brand Experience) and UX Design meet.

Strategists, designers and front- and backend developers work in tight teams and close collaboration with the client. We often work in sprints, because developing a digital brand is a question of continuously exploring, discovering and adapting. To find new leads, make clients happy and accelerate growth.

But we don’t just dream things up, we also build them. This means design, communications and technology are inextricably linked: a designer must understand the technical implications, just as a developer must understand the importance of a distinctive brand identity. So that they can understand each other, talk to each other and challenge each other in order to reach, engage and continue to intrigue the user through all channels.

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Total Design believes in the power of difference. Different people from different disciplines: technology, communications and branding working together to help brands develop and grow.

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