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In recent years, the content and form of the annual report have completely changed. Transparency, stakeholder interests and, above all, social relevance are key words in that transition. An annual report is no longer just about dry figures before and after taxes, but about value creation and authenticity. Financial and non-financial results united in one integrated report.
Annual reports are therefore playing an increasingly prominent role in corporate communications. After all, society is forcing organizations to assess environmental, social, management performance and financial results on an equal level. This is the only way for an organization to create appreciation among stakeholders, citizens, governments and all other interested parties. Integrated reporting thus puts identity and core values back at the forefront. But a lot has changed on the technical front as well. Publication via digital channels makes annual reports more easily accessible to target groups other than those directly involved. The reach and impact of the annual report will only increase. The advent of technology poses new challenges for our clients.

TD Cascade is one of the few true specialists when it comes to designing annual reports. From storytelling and data visualization to coding and tooling – we ensure a report meets the most up-to-date standards in terms of design, user experience and media usage. We visualize ambition, strategy and performance, create awareness on values and commitment, and make complex data transparent and accessible. At TD Cascade, we know how to translate content into engaging reporting. Unique, recognizable, transparent and credible. Thanks to our extensive expertise, efficient approach and in-depth knowledge of tooling and content, we are in a privileged position to guide organizations in their (digital) transition to integrated reporting. From a one-off report to continuous multi-channel reporting, our dedicated and experienced team of consultants, designers and developers provide a suitable reporting solution that seamlessly matches the communication needs of our clients and the complexity of the internal process.

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