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What is the narrative surrounding the brand? Not just the narrow brand story, but also the information and stories around it, which must also verify the brand story. That’s content marketing.

For us, it’s in ‘the power of content’. The sum of the parts. The ‘tell’ element that moves you from awareness to trust and interaction. Whether that’s brand stories, white papers, essays, social posts or instruction, people want information that’s genuine, that provides insights, that inspires, but that can also sometimes challenge them.

Here we not only set high demands for what’s communicated, but pay just as much attention to the design, format and distribution. People don’t have much time and are selective in the media they use. It can be a podcast, presentation, video or Insta story. As long as it’s recognisable and adds/stacks up. Because content marketing isn’t isolated or a one-off. It’s an integrated programme that aims to keep the brand growing, both internally and externally.

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Total Design believes in the power of difference. Different people from different disciplines: technology, communications and branding working together to help brands develop and grow.

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