Merken willen in één oogopslag herkenbaar zijn. Dat zien we dan ook als één van de belangrijkste doelstellingen van branding. En dan gaat om het om veel meer dan alleen logo, kleuren, typografie en stijl van fotografie.

It’s increasingly about the communication, interaction and flow of an identity, including sound. It’s all about the experience (UX) and coherence (BX). We don’t simply want to position the brand as strongly as possible. We also want to position it such that the identity contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire organisation.

Whether it’s a new brand, or an existing one that needs to be repositioned, brands want to stand out, either because they’re a market leader or because they’re a challenger. This means there is always a strategic and creative challenge; something we love. It’s no coincidence that we help create some of the market’s strongest brands, and have been doing so since 1963.

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