09 February 2023

Total Design joins new European platform for digital transformation

Total Design is taking a big step into the future by joining the digital transformation platform of Brussels-based private equity firm M80.

M80 is building a portfolio of best-in-class specialists in digital transformation: from digital strategy to keeping IT environments up and running.

In this best-in-class platform, award-winning Total Design, with its subsidiaries Zuiderlicht and TD Cascade, will have an integral role in branding, communications, and technology disciplines. The platform already consists of Luminis, XPLUS, and BPSOLUTIONS.

Luminis is an advanced software and technology company focused on cloud and data solutions. XPLUS is a Belgian expert in enterprise IT architecture. BPSOLUTIONS helps organizations with Cloud, Managed Services, and Data Analytics so they can move forward smarter.

Koen de Groot, CEO of Total Design: “In recent years, Total Design has increasingly focused on what we call ‘Transformation Design’: strategic issues in which the disciplines of technology, branding, and communication come together optimally. Joining M80’s platform is a big step forward in high-quality digital implementations and translations of everything we already do for our clients.
In constructive discussions with M80 and our future partners, we quickly saw how as a group we can truly help our joint clients end-to-end.”

Together, these best-in-class specialists work in various sectors for clients such as Randstad, Van Oord, Ohra, KLM, Rabobank, AkzoNobel, LG, Engie and Allianz.

Total Design itself is working on the integral proposition and branding of the platform in which the various companies will collaborate intensively.

Hans Bossenbroek, founder of Luminis, leads the new group. Total Design’s management has been appointed to the group board and will continue to lead Total Design, TD Cascade, and Zuiderlicht.

Hans Bossenbroek, Group CEO: “Joining forces with Total Design fits our strategy to become a full-service provider in the field of digital transformation. Total Design has made great strides with ‘Transformation Design’ in recent years, which makes joining our platform a logical move. The complementarity of Total Design will allow us to serve our customers even better.”

M80 is a Brussels-based private equity firm making multiple acquisitions in Europe to build a group of best-in-class digital transformation companies.

Carl Annicq, partner M80: “We aim to bring together companies with superior IT and business design capabilities to help customers with their digital transformation. As an established creative and technology agency with a comprehensive range of digital strategy and branding capabilities, Total Design is a strong reference in the Dutch market. We see Total Design and its outstanding team members therefore as a perfect partner to join and complement the platform we are creating.”

Total Design
Founded in 1963, Total Design is known for the brand identity of Randstad, Schiphol’s wayfinding signage, and the Dutch passport. Currently, Total Design works amongst others for ING as global lead design agency, for Hema, Radboud University, and German TÜV. Total Design builds and strengthens brands through branding, communications, the development of innovative customer journeys, and advanced digital applications. It currently employs 120 people in Amsterdam and Maastricht. Total Design’s capabilities were recognized, in addition to numerous ADCN Awards, European Design Awards, ESPRIX, German Design Awards, Red Dot Awards, with no less than 8 IDA awards (International Design Awards) in 2022, including global Graphic Design of the Year.

Total Design was owned by the investment company Successor and its management. Successor has co-owned Total Design for six years.
Harry Smeets, owner of Successor: “More digital and technology is what our society is moving towards. Total Design must remain at the forefront of this. With M80 they will succeed in doing so”.

Oaklins Netherlands acted as the exclusive sell-side advisor to shareholders of Total Design.