20 July 2023

Total Design develops new visual identity for the Aegon holding company

With the completion of the combination of Aegon’s Dutch businesses with a.s.r, Aegon has entered a new chapter of its transformation journey to build leaders in investment, protection, and retirement solutions across its chosen markets. To signal the strategic changes and to better reflect the company’s shift from an integrated financial services group into an active holding company, Aegon launched a refreshed logo and a distinct, modern visual identity on its Capital Markets Day (June 22, 2023).

Aegon’s purpose of ‘Helping people live their best lives’ was introduced back in 2022 and will now be brought to life across its portfolio of businesses. The strategic positioning was born out of the fact that around the world, people will live longer and have more choices at different stages in their lives. Aegon is here to give people maximum support in this, taking a positive and encouraging approach towards longevity.

Nanne Bos, Aegon’s Chief Communications Officer explains: “The Aegon logo was designed in 1983 – and although its foundations are still strong today, it did not evolve over the past 40 years. Our new logo builds on our iconic brand identity and brings us to the 21st century. It reflects our ambition to deliver on our purpose of ‘Helping people live their best lives’. Moreover, it underscores the transformation in an active holding company with a diverse portfolio of leading businesses.”

The briefing for the new visual identity was to reflect this in a striking and distinctive way. Creating a group-level brand that distinguishes from the market brands yet acts as a connective entity.

Eddy Wegman, ECD at Total Design: “By keeping and even leveraging the distinctive tilted square in the logo, we build on the heritage, but wanted to push it further into the next chapter of a more purpose-driven brand.”

Using vibrant colours and bold graphic shapes that are applied as connectors and windows to life resulted in a modern, positive, and outspoken visual identity, referring to the idea of a longer, more diverse, and happy life.