21 December 2021

This is called a teaser

This is a teaser

In industry terms, this is called a 'teaser’

2020 was a tough year in terms of bespoke productions—we all know this. 2021, however, was the year to catch up. In the second half of ’21, the Total Design in-house Visual Content Department grew in expected and unexpected ways. One of Total Design’s larger, international clients wanted to start up smaller, simpler content productions again. In this case, still photography productions.
So off the production team went, all over The Netherlands and beyond. Due to the nature of this particular brand, these were not traditional shoots. They were named “mini-shoots,” as they did not require a large production team, but instead Creative Director and Photographer Willam Lemus-Garcia—and a few support crew from the client and local production companies in the markets we serve.

This a teaser - Behind the Scenes

All productions were 100% covid-compliant. Jabbed, masked and tested regularly; William traveled by plane, train or automobile. In the end, in addition to The Netherlands, the shoots took place in four other EU markets to collect thousands of frames from many mini shoots.

We can’t wait to share more about this project and about what else we have in store from the Visual Content Department, but then it wouldn’t be a teaser any more. And where is the fun in that?