01 March 2021

The synergy of a new brand

GustoMSC NOV rebranding

As pioneers of offshore engineering, GustoMSC always focuses on making progress. The company is continuously moving forward as it develops new solutions tailored to meet the challenges the offshore energy industry faces in the energy transition, digital transformation, and carbon footprint reduction. These challenges require a global approach at a greater scale. In short, it requires synergy.

In order to be able to offer truly integrated solutions, GustoMSC became an integral part of the American multinational NOV. As a next step the visual identity of the brand had to be integrated. After consultation with Total Design about which brand architecture would fit best, the umbrella brand was chosen; after all, this does sufficient justice to the ‘credits’ of both parties in the market, and it also shows clearly that both brands reinforce each other. From now on the combination of the two brands creates a whole new, integrated proposition in the worldwide Marine & Construction market.

GustoMSC NOV rebranding

In addition to design, we created extensive content for the new identity. We substantiated the added value of the merger in an appealing brand story. We also launched a large number of communication tools: a brand video and book, a digital campaign, direct mailings, a branded content platform for knowledge sharing and co-creation, as well as inspiring cases about the Sustainable Development Goals program of GustoMSC.

Based on shared values and one vision, this rebranding really supports our mission: enabling and supporting safe and efficient operations at sea, contributing to a sustainable future.

— Tessa Vleugels, Communications Officer, GustoMSC | NOV