29 August 2023

Sharing our Client Satisfaction results

At Total Design (TD), we understand the importance of continuously improving our services and meeting the needs of our clients. That’s why we conducted a client satisfaction survey to gain valuable insights into their experiences, identify areas for enhancement, and recognize our strengths. This research provides a comprehensive analysis of our collaboration and your valuable experience as a cherished client of TD.

We value the partnership with our clients and their feedback has played a crucial role in shaping our approach to serve them better. These results are a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement and our unwavering focus on ensuring the utmost client satisfaction. To gather meaningful insights, this survey has been conducted through a well-executed process. With a focus on preserving participant anonymity, we designed a comprehensive questionnaire. To ensure a robust representation of our valued clients, we sent out the survey to approximately 75 organizations with whom we have had the privilege to collaborate. In this survey we received a response rate of 45 respondents providing us with their valuable feedback. Specifically, we reached out to clients with whom we have worked closely over the past year, starting from early 2022. Recognizing the importance to capture diverse perspectives we, on average, approached three individuals within each client organization.

For us the highlight of the results is the NPS Score we achieved this year. We are therefore very proud of the NPS Score of 62% and would like to use this to thank all our customers for their trust and feedback.

Please have a look at the results and help us to evaluate and improve our services.