02 May 2023

renewed with love

The HEMA store at Kerkstraat 29 has been lovingly renovated over the past few weeks. And since this fully renovated store was allowed to open again, HEMA asked us to develop a local campaign to celebrate the occasion. The whole neighborhood was invited to see the renewed store, take advantage of all the festive opening offers, and get (re)connected with their favorite store.

Renovating and connecting
First, we developed an overarching activation concept under which the reopening could be communicated in a recognizable way. It had to stay close to HEMA and involve the environment as much as possible in the festive event. The concept “renewed with love” aligns with the existing “Made with Love” campaigns and ensures that the target audience makes a connection with the overarching brand and their “own” renewed location.

On-brand store experience
Over the past few weeks, HEMA Hilversum has undergone a major renovation and has been equipped with all modern shopping conveniences. The store has also been built and made in the style of the previously developed “new” brand. The visual identity has been incorporated not only into the store’s interior but is also visible in the mannequins, the large HEMA letters at the entrance, and the neon signs.

Hilversum celebrates together
The activation campaign was launched in the weeks leading up to the reopening. The opening party lasted three days, with free products given away on each day or people being able to participate in special opening activities. The communication was divided into three phases:

• Before the opening (campaign loading)
• During the opening (activation on store visit)
• After the opening (activation for new opening offers)

In the first phase, Hilversum was introduced to the overarching “Renewed with Love” campaign concept, and communication was about the upcoming opening. Specific opening offers were also communicated to excite the area about a store visit on one of the festive days. Residents received various print assets in their mailbox, including a door-to-door flyer, a full-page newspaper ad, and various IM messages. They also came into contact with one of the DOOH advertisements on the street and could see festive ads on social media.

During the opening, they were met on the street by a LED truck, stimulated by even more DOOH advertisements, and received flyers with which they could crack the safe in the store. On social media, they were informed of the special opening offers and learned what they could experience in their new store. Once inside the store, they came across various banners and cheerful shelf cards and were overwhelmed by the new store and all its novelties.

After the first opening weeks, there were even more opening offers to extend the festive feeling. They encountered these on various DOOH advertisements in Hilversum, or at home and on the go on social media.

A party to remember
The campaign proved to be a great success. The free “tompoucen” (a Dutch pastry) were quickly given out, the press was well represented, and the public was very enthusiastic. La Place was well visited, and the (bl)ijsjes, hot/not dogs, and (n)ice coffees were also well received. Even part of the HEMA TD team visited on the first opening day and walked out with a hot/not dog in their hand and a bag full of tompoucen to share the festive feeling with the rest of the office!