18 July 2023

Meet the designer

Interview with the Yuma logo Designer: Alicia Castro

1. What was the inspiration behind the logo and visual identity you created?

Everlasting transformation. We wanted something that represented the constant change of the digital world and conveyed the humanity within it. Something that looked alive, evolving, changing. Digital and human. A constant back and forth between both worlds.

2. How did you approach the design process to ensure that the logo and visual identity effectively represent the values and goals of YUMA?

There was obviously the strategy as a starting point. We then did a creative session with all the key stakeholders to transfer from word to visual. That was the foundation for the first broad creative explorations that was narrowed down to 2 main directions that were presented to a larger group of stakeholders/decision makers.

3. What were the key elements or principles that you considered when designing the logo and visual identity?

Motion, for one, we knew had to play a big part in the identity because is a straightforward way to make people engaged. We are drawn to movement.
But also to keep this principle of constant transformation.

4. Can you explain the reasoning behind the color palette and typography choices in the logo and visual identity? How do they contribute to the overall YUMA brand message?

The typography choice was clear from very early on, we all wanted something that felt human and serif fonts have more character and feel refined. We took inspiration from the classic early-century fonts that were used in print and newspapers at the time because they still speak to us in a way that feels both bold and conveys trust.

The color was more challenging in a way because we needed a palette that fully embodied the whole range of the spectrum, both very human and very “digital”.

5. How did you ensure that the logo and visual identity are versatile and can be effectively applied across different mediums and platforms, such as print, digital, and merchandise?

When you have a flexible system you ensure proper application throughout different mediums. When we started working on this project, we were aware of the full range of platforms in which it would need to be implemented to naturally we took it into consideration.

First sketches