30 May 2023

Hotel Management School Maastricht

Recruiting for a Groundbreaking International Master's Program

Zuiderlicht has successfully created remarkable work for the Maastricht Hotel Management School’s project titled “Werven voor een baanbrekende internationale masteropleiding” (Recruiting for a Groundbreaking International Master’s Program). The objective was to develop a unique brand identity and digital presence that stands out and appeals to a diverse audience.

To differentiate from other master’s programs and attract students from various backgrounds, including hospitality, economics, and business, Zuiderlicht adopted an experimental, human-centered, and disruptive approach. The visual identity showcases a sleek, sans-serif typography and a bold color palette representing the three cities involved. The design elements symbolize the transformative journey of personal and professional growth, reflecting the iterative path of Design Thinking that defines the master’s program.

The motion graphics, aligned with the digital world and the dynamic nature of the master’s program, complement the captivating user experience. The tone of voice combines catchy and playful elements with clarity and readability, appealing to prospective students.

The resulting website, built on the same technical foundation as the Hotel Management School Maastricht’s website, offers efficient management through the Concrete CMS Multisite principle. This centralized approach simplifies content management, hosting, and security for editors and future administrators.

The visually compelling style and website have been warmly received, generating excitement and attracting students to enroll in this innovative joint-master program. The Hotel Management School eagerly anticipates witnessing the journey of the first troops of future leaders.

To view the complete case, visit: https://www.zuiderlicht.nl/werk/digital/leading-hospitality-innovation