11 January 2023

Big wins for Total Design at the International Design Awards

At the annual International Design Awards (IDA), Total Design has won 8 awards. With 3 Gold, 4 Silver awards and a ‘Graphic Design of the Year’, TD is the big winner this year.
Work for the Limburgs Museum in particular stood out with 3 times Gold and the prestigious ‘Graphic Design of the Year’ award. In addition, work for VU (Vrije Universiteit) Amsterdam, ProRail and Sanquin was awarded.

A remarkable fact is that the 8 awards are divided across the full spectrum of branding, communication and technology. An eye for quality, courageous choices but especially an integrated approach is the basis for all these awards.

Koen de Groot, CEO Total Design; “This way of winning makes us proud and indicates that, in the year of our 60th anniversary, we are doing innovative work across the TD proposition of branding communication and technology. The awarded projects include logos, trademarks, interfaces, identity, UX, mobile, websites, interior and wayfinding and employer branding in the winners. It indicates that TD-ers with a lot of commitment across many different teams have been involved. And of course we like to share these credits with our clients, they have made bold choices. And these appear to be paying off”.

This makes Total Design the highest ranked Dutch Agency, rising from the 36th to 14th position in the IDA’s all time agency ranking.