24 March 2022

Bellingcat - You can't camouflage facts

Our client Bellingcat is an essential international collective of online researchers, investigators and citizen journalists looking for truth in a post-truth world. Bellingcat’s work may never have been more relevant than it is today. We were honoured to contribute something to their important mission by helping them out with this ad, donated to them by the Financial Times.

It was important to us as well as The Financial Times and Bellingcat that the ad should not be too promotional. All three of us handled this with care, and I think it worked out well', explains Martijn van den Brakel of Total Design.

— Martijn van den Brakel, creatief directeur

Don’t let them get away with it. Support our work, that’s the serious message in the advertisement.

Bellingcat - You can't camouflage the truth